About Us ..

Al-Hadha Trading & General Agencies
Founded in 1986 in Sana’a city, this company acts as the holding company of the wholly owned subsidiaries within the group. Al-hadha trading company is a dynamic reliable business partner whose sphere of business activities is diverse and varied. The company business activities include importing, exporting, general trade as well as wholesale market distribution for many products… Here are some of the products, Al-Hadha Trading & Gen. Agencies works on:

basic foods, food commodities / stuff, cereals/ pulses, juices, cheese, butter and other dairy products, honey, cooking oil, edible oil (ghee), building & construction materials , lubricants, gas cylinders , sanitary wares and institutional products

Our Vison

Our vision is to become a leading group locally and internationally that combines original values with contemporary market needs, and adopts best economic practices to deliver performance beyond expectations.

Our objective

The Company is currently focusing its efforts on developing and improving the capabilities and capabilities of the local and international business in order to be able to provide the best to customers, customers and customers, thereby enhancing the business activity

Our Mission

The Company aims to provide quality and integrated services, develop long-term partnerships, adapt to the changing needs of customers and sectors, and contribute effectively to the growth of the national economy.